Foam Central

Foam Central – Foam Pit

Practice your flips, somersaults, backflips and more with Foam Central. Currently one of our most exciting additions for athletes and non-athletes, Foam Central is essentially a foam pit made out of thousands of soft cushiony foams. This certainly makes it perfect for flip enthusiasts of all ages and all levels, as they can practice and master their flip techniques without having to worry about hurting themselves. They’ll also get to enjoy the various numbers of trampolines surrounding the foam pit for added fun.

Foam Central really is a great environment that delivers fun, excitement and perhaps most importantly, safety. To reinforce the notion of safety measures, there is a great number of Boing staff stationed at the foam pit who’ll give direction and additional supervision.

Foam Central is fun personified. However, in the interest of child safety, read on to get a basic understanding of our safety rules while in the foam pit.

Foam Pit Safety Rules

  • Don’t bury yourself in the pit as others may jump on you without knowing
  • Remove all items from pockets before entering foam pit and trampolines
  • Follow directions from Boing Central staff
  • Never dive head first into foam pit