Slam Central

Slam Central – Trampoline Basketball

Learn to slam dunk just like the all-stars Jordan, Howard and Carter with Boing Central’s first rate trampoline basketball arena. Featuring a basketball hoop, backboard, support bars, protective padding and a few ten metres of pure trampoline, you’ll be sure to experience some major air time with your slam dunks.

Our trampoline basketball arena can be found in Slam Central. Slam Central is where, under the careful supervision of our trained Boing staff, you’ll learn, practice and perfect your dunking technique, whether you’re 5 years old or 80! You’ll also get the chance to practice your flips, jumps and somersaults with our connective trampolines.

Trampoline basketball is equal parts fun and ardous. Without a doubt, you’ll work up a sweat, but we can wholeheartedly assure you that you will have so much fun doing so. For more information on our trampoline basketball arena, rules and regulations, have a read below!

 Slam Dunk Rules

  • Do not throw the ball outside the court
  • Only attempt dunks within your skill level
  • Don’t jump, land, or climb on blue padding – it is there as a safety precaution
  • Do not swing or hang off basketball hoop, backboard or support barsSlam Dunk