Dodge Central – Trampoline Dodgeball Competition

We’re of course, talking about the fantastic sport of dodgeball and our new trampoline dodgeball parties. A fun and very much welcome addition to our trampolining arena, the parties promise excitement, teamwork building and even fitness. Because of the no-age restriction on our dodgeball parties, they work immensely well for children’s birthday parties, corporate events, Christmas parties, team building socials and more!

We’re also hosting a trampoline dodgeball competition for those who are interested in the sport. This competition also happens to be Sydney’s first trampoline dodgeball competition that welcomes all genders AND all ages. We have different age category competitions, so be sure to book one that’s suited to your needs. In all cases, the same rules of dodgeball apply, but we’ve had to make a few revisions because of the inclusion of our super bouncy trampolines.

For more information on our trampoline dodgeball rules, team numbers and dodgeball parties, have a read below!



Comps for all ages and gender


Comp Dates  TBC


  • 6 on 6 in the Dodgeball arena
  • Matches are 8 minutes long Team with the MOST games won in 8 minutes time wins the match. If tied after 8 minutes there will be a single TIE-BREAKER game
  • 7 week season with each team playing 3 games per night every week. Week 8 – Semi’s, Week 9 – Final’s and Week 10 GF and Presentation


  • Wednesday Night League
    • Mixed comp 7pm – 9pm


$70pp. Includes full park access on game nights, a championship night and all the fun you can handle. Includes jump socks for all. Comp is limited to 6 teams so get in early. Prizes awarded to the winning team.


Be sure to wear athletic clothing – you will get hot and sweaty!IMG_5568-12
Team uniforms and costumes are welcomed and encouraged!


Dodgeball Rules


        • Each team begins the game with an even amount of balls and players
        • Each match is 8 minutes long; teams play as many games as possible.
        • A team wins a game when they get all the opposing players out.
        • Each team starts with 3 balls.
        • Each team starts with 6 players on each team
        • The team who won the most games at the end of 8 minutes won the match.
        • If the case of a tie, a tie breaker game is held.


        • You are hit with a ball ANYWHERE ON YOUR BODY.
        • You throw a ball and someone catches it.
        • You cross the boundary, including reaching over for a ball.
        • You argue with the referee.
        • You attempt to block a ball with another ball and drop the ball being used for blocking.
        • When you are out, walk across the centre pads with your hands wrapped around your head.
        • Once you are out you cannot re-enter until the next game begins


        • Only 1 person is out per throw.
        • A ball is defined as dead once it touches ANYTHING: person, trampoline, mat, etc.!
        • NO headshots
        • DON’T kick the dodgeball , it’s not soccer
        • Only the player who the ball is being thrown at may catch it to get the thrower out.
        • You may catch a ball with any part of your body.
        • Referees have the final say