Tramp Fit – Trampoline Fitness Classes

Are you looking for a fun way to exercise? If YES, then why not opt for one of our trampoline exercise classes? They’re a great way to build up fitness without having to exert a large amount of force, stress and energy on your body.

Unlike traditional gym exercises, running and fast paced contact sports, trampolining is a low impact fitness activity that still produces fantastic results. Studies have shown that trampoline workouts are four times more effective than any gym exercise activity AND can even reduce a typical 1 hour workout to a simple 15 minute trampoline fitness session.

Here at Boing Central, we offer a huge range of trampoline fitness classes. They vary from day to day, but you’ll be able to find boxing activities, boot camps, pilates and pure trampoline classes for a wide variety of fitness levels.

If you’d like more information on our trampoline exercise classes, fitness drills, workouts or gym times, have a read below.

Tramp Fit

Tramp Fit is a fun and unique high intensity, low impact trampoline workout suitable for all levels of fitness. It will have your heart pumping like never before. Tramp Fit is also combined with a taste of our core concentrated and upper body Box Fit program to give you a full body workout every time!

Box fit

Box Fit utilises the traditional combat and fitness training of Boxing to increase and build core body strength, agility, speed and coordination in a fun and fast paced high intensity cardio environment. Suitable for all fitness levels, Box Fit generates results and focuses on boosting your overall fitness, building lean muscle and improving self-esteem in the ultimate trampoline workout experience.

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